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Extended Wednesday Hours to 7:00 pm


9:00 am – 12 pm

Call for special appointment, if needed.


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About Us

We are a ‘quality of life animal shelter’ and every effort will be made to find permanent, responsible homes. We have a nine (9) member Board of Directors (who also serve as volunteers), with officers elected yearly.

Fundraisers are continual each year, with some favorites being done repeatedly. We operate on a donation basis, with the County Board and City Council each contributing a small portion each year towards the daily operating expenses of the animal shelter. We have a shelter manager, assistant manager, and a gal who cleans daily, and these are the only paid employees of the shelter – all are worth their weight in gold plus; all other work is done by volunteers.

All animals in our care receive socializing in order to be adopted out, and dogs receive obedience training. All adopted cats and dogs are spayed or neutered; all cats and kittens are tested for feline leukemia and we permit adoption of only those who test healthy. All animals have been wormed and have had initial vaccinations.

The reason we do this……..WE CARE……we care about the plight of the lost, stray or unwanted animals and want to give them all the best that we can, including lots of love. We rejoice when an animal friend finds a new home, knowing the friend will be better cared for than we could ever do, with 24 hour care and love. We also know that within hours, days or weeks, the spot that the newly adopted pet leaves will be filled again, unfailingly, and that we have yet another pet to instill trust, care and love in.

We welcome volunteers, both young and old. We always need ‘walkers’ for exercising the dogs, and laps for kitties to sit and nap on. And we always need donations, be it in money, food, kitty litter, treats or bedding.


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